First of all I want to mention, that I like the idea of “minimalism”. Because of that, I started to create a simple plain html website only for me. There I was showing things I didn’t need or use anymore, but maybe some of my friends could need. So I had a simple list of stuff I wanted to get rid of and posted this website on facebook. After a very short time, I was able to give away 50% of my stuff. Which is pretty awesome! It worked really well for me.

I also received a lot of good feedback about my first version of my “get rid of stuff” website, so I decided to create getfrom.me during my workation on Gran Canaria at The Surf Office. Now everyone can create this kind of page for themselves. I hope lot of people will do.

The main difference between getfrom.me and other similar websites, is that getfrom.me is aimed to give your stuff away to friends only. This is what I at least use getfrom.me. I save there things that either I gave away for free or an amount of money I would ask friends for. That’s the idea, but you can use it how ever you want to.

Happy getting rid of stuff! :)

Who created getfrom.me?

QNOSS5R9Hi I am Christian, in my spare time I like to create simple websites. My past profession was web development, now it’s SEO. In the future I want to write a lot of web articles, because I think “writing” is one of the most important skills you need to succeed online.

Beside building websites I like to travel, and write about my travel adventures on reiseleben.com (german).

I would like to hear your feedback and feature requests for getfrom.me. Just drop me a line on facebook or mail me at infoATgetfromDOTme.